Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stupid people selling higher shoes ripping my copyrighted content

Morons from china ripping my content! Im so angry at the moment because some absolute freaks from china have been ripping my content and posting it on their own shop website as their own! Ironic because they are obviously really stupid as they forget to dlete my website name from the articles too..... like it says stuff like welcome to.... *my website name here* they must be using automated means to rip and post my stuff onto there website. they are doing it with quite a few websites who all sell height increasing insoles or elevator shoes.......Stupid higher shoes sellers they should rott in helll! I sent a dmca to their pathetic host located in china but got ignored! What do i do... they rip and post all my articles and far to many to individually send dmca requests to Google for each now? I hope they rott in hell!

I have a few good website which i post on about height increasing insoles and it seems all of those website have got there content ripped and posted on this one higher shoes seller website...... with no credit to me as the original author and considering that i am in competition with elevator shoe sellers i am sure i can sue them for damages as well as copyright infringement but because they live in china this will be hard thing to do!

I bet even this article will be found and posted on their website.. if so and this article isn't found on shuzzie2803. then this article has been ripped and the owners who own the website that  have stolen this article are FREAKS! Have a nice day.

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