Friday, 22 November 2013

What is seo?!

Seo is all about getting your site on top and in doing so get free traffic which mean more sales from your site.. that is the main aim of seo... if you do seo for any other reasons apart from getting more traffic your just sad, only kidding. Anyway seo has been around since search engines, webmasters have always been trying to find new and creative ways to make their site rank in the search engines.. some ways work and someways do not work at all. You just have to find the right working way that doesnt cost your business either in money or time. Pleasing the search engines is something you should aim doing, that may sound odd at first but the rule to seo is to please users and not the search engines. This means that when  users click on your website then you want them to click on something they need and will answer their query and more! Search engines will use a whole number of different ways to rank and categorize sites in the search results over 200 different factors or put into one huge algo which ranks sites... if you are not upto par for a few of these you may lag behind in the search results because of this. Many people dont realize but if you are wanting to rank in the search engines then you must make sure that you follow google guidelines as well this will help you keep up to par with these 200 ranking factors and stand you a better chance of beating the likes of amazon and ebay that seem to nowadays dominate every search query known to man. Some of the rules that you must follow include, not having duplicate content which you grabbed for other websites, making sure that you do not keyword stuff your content and making sure that you have a fast design and a good structured design too is also important. Take all of these things into consideration when you are ranking a site and you will go very far trust me! But You need backlinks to and good quality ones to really be seen on the search engines... annoyingly not how good your site is but what other sites link to you is the main factor to seo and links are almost impossible to get if you hardly have any traffic to start with.

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