Thursday, 4 September 2014

Stupid people selling higher shoes ripping my copyrighted content

Morons from china ripping my content! Im so angry at the moment because some absolute freaks from china have been ripping my content and posting it on their own shop website as their own! Ironic because they are obviously really stupid as they forget to dlete my website name from the articles too..... like it says stuff like welcome to.... *my website name here* they must be using automated means to rip and post my stuff onto there website. they are doing it with quite a few websites who all sell height increasing insoles or elevator shoes.......Stupid higher shoes sellers they should rott in helll! I sent a dmca to their pathetic host located in china but got ignored! What do i do... they rip and post all my articles and far to many to individually send dmca requests to Google for each now? I hope they rott in hell!

I have a few good website which i post on about height increasing insoles and it seems all of those website have got there content ripped and posted on this one higher shoes seller website...... with no credit to me as the original author and considering that i am in competition with elevator shoe sellers i am sure i can sue them for damages as well as copyright infringement but because they live in china this will be hard thing to do!

I bet even this article will be found and posted on their website.. if so and this article isn't found on shuzzie2803. then this article has been ripped and the owners who own the website that  have stolen this article are FREAKS! Have a nice day.

Friday, 22 November 2013

What is seo?!

Seo is all about getting your site on top and in doing so get free traffic which mean more sales from your site.. that is the main aim of seo... if you do seo for any other reasons apart from getting more traffic your just sad, only kidding. Anyway seo has been around since search engines, webmasters have always been trying to find new and creative ways to make their site rank in the search engines.. some ways work and someways do not work at all. You just have to find the right working way that doesnt cost your business either in money or time. Pleasing the search engines is something you should aim doing, that may sound odd at first but the rule to seo is to please users and not the search engines. This means that when  users click on your website then you want them to click on something they need and will answer their query and more! Search engines will use a whole number of different ways to rank and categorize sites in the search results over 200 different factors or put into one huge algo which ranks sites... if you are not upto par for a few of these you may lag behind in the search results because of this. Many people dont realize but if you are wanting to rank in the search engines then you must make sure that you follow google guidelines as well this will help you keep up to par with these 200 ranking factors and stand you a better chance of beating the likes of amazon and ebay that seem to nowadays dominate every search query known to man. Some of the rules that you must follow include, not having duplicate content which you grabbed for other websites, making sure that you do not keyword stuff your content and making sure that you have a fast design and a good structured design too is also important. Take all of these things into consideration when you are ranking a site and you will go very far trust me! But You need backlinks to and good quality ones to really be seen on the search engines... annoyingly not how good your site is but what other sites link to you is the main factor to seo and links are almost impossible to get if you hardly have any traffic to start with.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Are elevator shoes any good?

Elevator shoes and higher shoes a real waste of your hard earned cash! Don't believe me well I have tried some higher shoes for myself. but people can see the shoes have elevated heels so they really are no good at all... and the shoes really are not comfortable to wear..... Instead you should think of getting some height increasing insoles. Height increasing insoles cant be seen and elevate your heel inside any of the shoes you have got right now.. meaning you dont have to buy any special shoes and can swap them in and out of any chosen shoes on demand. Comfortable something elevator shoes cannot say! And affordable something else elevator shoes really cannot say either.
I wish I learned about height increasing insoles before i bothered getting rubbish elevator shoes. but let me save you some money at least and say dont buy elevator shoes but get some height increasing insoles for 1000% less in price... but adjustable height.. comfort and hidden height!

Copyright infringement watch out for the traps

Some people will use google images to quickly grab cool pictures to put on their website.. but by doing this you can be infringing peoples copyright.. moreover there are company's that base their entire business model of being victims of copyright infringement by posting hundreds of pictures on the internet in the hope that they will be used by unsuspecting website owners.. These company's will use programs to automatically trawl and catch those using their images and will send out automated messages demanding the website gives them $1000 in damages or face legal action.. proof that there really are evil greedy pigs in the world who should rott in hell......

Music is shallow

Music is slowly being destroyed or has it all ready been destroyed.. we will never know as music evolves into the shallow monster that whispers into the ears of its slaves as music culture and society evolves as well.... adapting to the shallowness that surrounds them. It is quite sad. This is the disease of capitalism that destroys and creates a greedy and shallow existence!
Whats anime... well anime is a Japanese kind of cartoon art. It is different to other childish cartoons i can assure you anime is all about the art and creativity of the design it revolves around!

massaging gel insoles what to buy and what not to buy

Recently i bought some massaging gel insoles from nuovahealth and guess what they are super! The beat all other massaging gel insoles that i have previously tried.. which i must add cost 5 times more than the ones i bought from nuovahealth. The massaging gel insoles you buy from nuovahealth are a lot more inexpensive.. but a lot better quality and work far better than other ones. You can only buy the special nuovahealth ones online on their website as they are exclusively made by nuovahealth. I have tried insoles from scholl and superfeet and i can tell you they emptied my wallet and actually started to hurt my feet while wearing them.. The quality of their insoles were really bad and started to disintegrate when i where using them. swapping those rubbish insoles for some nuovahealth ones was a good decision id say!

I recommend Nuovahealth for insoles! Unfortunately nuovahealth isn't as known as superfeet or scholl as nuovahealth is a new company but that doesn't mean they dont know what they are doing.

On a side note i also bought some running insoles from them too to help with my running and the insoles are helping a lot too! WOOO!