Wednesday, 4 September 2013

massaging gel insoles what to buy and what not to buy

Recently i bought some massaging gel insoles from nuovahealth and guess what they are super! The beat all other massaging gel insoles that i have previously tried.. which i must add cost 5 times more than the ones i bought from nuovahealth. The massaging gel insoles you buy from nuovahealth are a lot more inexpensive.. but a lot better quality and work far better than other ones. You can only buy the special nuovahealth ones online on their website as they are exclusively made by nuovahealth. I have tried insoles from scholl and superfeet and i can tell you they emptied my wallet and actually started to hurt my feet while wearing them.. The quality of their insoles were really bad and started to disintegrate when i where using them. swapping those rubbish insoles for some nuovahealth ones was a good decision id say!

I recommend Nuovahealth for insoles! Unfortunately nuovahealth isn't as known as superfeet or scholl as nuovahealth is a new company but that doesn't mean they dont know what they are doing.

On a side note i also bought some running insoles from them too to help with my running and the insoles are helping a lot too! WOOO!

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