Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to grow taller and increase your confidence

Shoe lifts! If your always trying to improve your appearance like me then what to do when you want to look taller hey? Hmm... Iv been wondering that for quite some time and far a long time i was stumped but now im not thanks to superoito for telling me about height increasing insoles (I think if you are American you call them shoe lifts im not quite sure.). Here is the quick low down on what these insoles do....

Shoe lifts 

Comfortable to wear much better for your feet than conventional flat insoles built with orthotics
Height gain kind range from a slight lift to 3 inches!
Easy to put in your shoes
Bargain price!

People are shallow.. in fact all of society is shallow and people dont judge you on who you are but what you look like.. sad but a fact of life. So if your small you can be at a disadvantage in life.. not getting the best jobs or prospects all because people judge you before they get to know you.. wich can impact your confidence. This doesn't have to always be the case! Insoles will work for you and help you!

Height increasing insoles are by far the best way to grow taller. Now you know how so you will not waste your time on non working methods.

Shoe lifts make a great present. I am going to actually buy all my small friends a pair.. I hope that they wont be too offended lol.

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