Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Are elevator shoes any good?

Elevator shoes and higher shoes a real waste of your hard earned cash! Don't believe me well I have tried some higher shoes for myself. but people can see the shoes have elevated heels so they really are no good at all... and the shoes really are not comfortable to wear..... Instead you should think of getting some height increasing insoles. Height increasing insoles cant be seen and elevate your heel inside any of the shoes you have got right now.. meaning you dont have to buy any special shoes and can swap them in and out of any chosen shoes on demand. Comfortable something elevator shoes cannot say! And affordable something else elevator shoes really cannot say either.
I wish I learned about height increasing insoles before i bothered getting rubbish elevator shoes. but let me save you some money at least and say dont buy elevator shoes but get some height increasing insoles for 1000% less in price... but adjustable height.. comfort and hidden height!

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